Project Updates

Project Update - Week Ending 10th October

10th October 2014

Since the last update another 7 cabinets has been enabled which cover an additional 1960 premises. 53841 homes have been passed in total.

Cabinet 23 on the Grantham exchange.

Cabinet 6 on the Heckington exchange.

Cabinet 4 on the Heckington exchange.

Cabinet 5 on the Mablethorpe exchange.

Cabinet 1 on the Ruskington exchange.

Cabinet 5 on the Scampton exchange.

Cabinet 4 on the Wragby exchange.

There has also been some additional information provided on some of the outstanding phase 2 cabinets:

Spalford Cab. 1 – Job had to be re-planned due to duct issues, planning is now complete and work can commence.

Scampton Cab. 4 – New cab now stood. Work ongoing and hope to complete in the next two weeks

Moulton Chapel Cab. 1 – Requires Aerial fibre cable. New sites for poles have been agreed so work can commence.

Billingborough Cab. 3 - Spine work is currently underway

Birchwood Cab. 44 - Meeting with Highways booked for Friday to discuss excavation and road closure.

Horncastle Cab. 3 - Surveys to be completed as original site rejected because of objection relating to preservation area

Horncastle Cab. 12 - Road to be excavated

South Rauceby Cab. 1 - Site meeting booked with highways next Wednesday to resove footpath adoption issues to allow work to be completed

South Rauceby Cab. 2  -  Meeting at site this week; wayleave application going through to David Wilson Homes

Sudbrooke Cab. 11 - Works are progressing

Wainfleet Cab. 4 - Surveys and plans to be completed

Over the coming week work will be carried out in or around the following areas providing Fibre Spine cables (From one Telephone Exchange to another):

Skegness, Burgh, Wainfleet, Spilsby, Butterwick, Stow, Withern, Honington, Ingoldby, Sutton on Sea, and Swaby.

In addition, we will be continuing to work on various cabinets in other areas of the county.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and is for indication only.

Progress Thermometer 09/10/2014

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