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Project Update - Week Ending 16th January 2015

16th January 2015

Phasing 4-5


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Since the last update another 3 cabinet have been enabled.


Cabinet 4 on the BUTTERWICK exchange

Cabinet 6 on the BUTTERWICK exchange

Cabinet 2 on the Scampton exchange



Cabinet progress update

Ancaster 2 –Traffic Management is underway to deal with blockages in spine ducting

Ancaster 3 – Traffic Management is underway to deal with blockages in spine ducting

Ancaster 4 - Traffic Management is underway to deal with blockages in spine ducting

Billinghay 1 – Traffic Management required – booked in to be organised

Billinghay 6 – This cabinet is situated on private land and BT are scheduling a meeting with the property developer to agree a position for the new cabinet. This isn’t expected to be ready until mid-February

Butterwick 3 –The existing copper infrastructure still needs to be reorganised – this work is with the engineers.

Cranwell 4 – Traffic management issues are still ongoing – this is being affected by the Ancaster cabinet Traffic management issues.

Culverthorpe 1 & 2 - Further multiple blockages near gas main requires joint visit with utilities

Friskney cabs x 4 – Blockage clearance underway. Cabinets will be stood this week

Grantham 81 – Cabinet is due to be stood in position soon. Power can then be connected.

Horncastle 3 – Overlay cables now required for powering up the cabinet – this is in hand

Heckington 1 –This was 'ready for service' 13th January, the cabinet will be able to have products brought from it approximately two weeks after this .

Normanby by Spital EO Lines - New ducting is now in place, and the cabinet just requires cabling and connecting to power.

South Rauceby 1 –Traffic management required due to railway line. Applications are being processed by Network Rail.

South Rauceby 2 –Cabinet is stood in position and is having power delivered to it on the 15th January.

Spalford 1 –Minor ducting works still required but majority of works completed

Welton EO lines –Welton 1 is complete –all of the records need to be updated onto the various BT systems. Welton 9 is currently ongoing

Withern Cabs x 2 – Estimated completion date of 7th February 2015 – this is still on track.



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