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Project Update - Week ending 24th April 2015

24th April 2015


Phasing datesPhasing 4-5



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Completed cabinet list

Cabinet 4 on the BURGH exchange

Cabinet 602 on the FENTON CLAYPOLE exchange

Cabinet 39 on the GRANTHAM

Cabinet 7 on the SUTTON BRIDGE exchange

Cabinet 1 on the SWABY exchange


Please note that we can only provide updates on delayed cabinets.

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Delayed cabinets

Billingborough 1 , 3  & 5 amalgamation – 1 & 5 are still on target for mid-May

Billinghay 1 – DELAY – 844m of fibre remaining. Traffic management booked 30th April.

Culverthorpe – Culverthorpe 1 will be 'lit' next week – after commissioning this will be ready for service. Two weeks after being ready for service it will be ready for orders. Culverthorpe 2 will be stood in position as a priority. Due to be completed before the end of June.

Gosberton 5 –Duct damaged over bridge. Will need replacing as digs unsuccessful. Liaison with Rail company ongoing

Grantham 21 – Power connection needs completing

Holbeach St Johns 1 - Shifted in the plan. Now to be enabled July - September 2015

Horncastle 3 –New duct job issued and prioritised

Kirton 5 - work is with the engineers and is still pending

Lincoln 132 – Shifted in the plan - due for deployment July – September 2015

Old Leake 3 – Extensive traffic management and civil engineering required, work on-going.

Old Leake 6 -  Extensive traffic management and civil engineering required, work on-going.

Normanby By Spital 2 – Power outstanding but prioritised for delivery before the end of June.

Sibsey 1-  Delivery of completed cabinet expected in June.

South Rauceby 1 -. Power planned for connection 30th April

Spalding 50 –BT is on track with current deployment

Sudbrooke Park 18 – Shifted slightly in the plan - due to be completed before June 2015

Sutterton 3 – Power connection has been requested.

Tetford 2 – Due for deployment early June

Navenby 4 – Ready for Service. In two weeks products can be ordered from this cabinet.


April 2015


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