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Project Update - Week ending 6th November 2015

6th November 2015

Phasing datesPhasing 7

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CAPACITY - We are aware that some cabinets have reached capacity. BT have launched a new 'waiting list' facility. Please esure that you are put on this waiting list by your ISP.

Swinderby 5 & 6 - capacity should be added by the 11th November - please be ready to order your new service

Completed cabinet list

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There are no cabinets to report as complete this week.



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Delayed cabinets

Please note that we can only provide updates on delayed cabinets.

Bainton 4 – Cabinet stood and powered and jointing works to progress

Bardney 6 – Ready for service - products should be available in the coming weeks

Bassingham 4 - only requires power now, booked in for 10/11/15

Billinghay 6 - will be enabled this quarter, before the end of December

Birchwood 63- Estimated completion mid-December

Buckminster 7 - Estimated completion mid-November

Burgh on Bain 3 & 4 - Power wayleaves required. Ongoing discussions with landowner 30/10/5 no change

Chapel St Leonards 12 – Wayleave in place - to be programmed into work schedule

Cranwell 2 - Estimated completion mid-December

Cranwell 5 – Estimated for completion before the end of November

Fulbeck 606 - aim to provide update next week.

Gosberton 5 – Estimated for completion before the end of December

Grantham 16 - SHIFTED - Expected delivery between October and December. Civils work commenced 09/10/2015

Grantham 21– Estimated completion now early December

Grantham 34 – Estimated completion mid-December

Holbeach St Johns 1 - Estimated completion mid-December

Huttoft 1 - Estimated completion mid-December. Requires new duct for power connection

Huttoft 3 - Fibre needs to be provided - estimated at the beginning of November 30/10/15 - DELAY Estimate completion mid-December

Kirton 5 DELAY - estimated completion before the end of December

Kirton 8 - estimated completion before the end of December

Lincoln 76 SHIFTED - Now expected late quarter 3, November - December 2015

Lincoln 132 SHIFTED – Now expected late quarter 3, November - December 2015

Lincoln 133 - New duct to be installed to allow provision of Copper and Fibre. Work commencing late October 30/10/15 Estimate completion by the end of December

Long Sutton 4 - DSLAM needs moving - estimated completion mid-December

Metheringham 1 - Power connection date has had to be changed as a new source has been identified which required a road crossing - estimated for 12/11/15 Ready for service estimated late November

Metheringham 6 - Power connection date has been changed - now estimated for 12/11/15 FURTHER DELAY - estimated completion for the end of November

Metherinham 14 - Digby - Estimated for completion for the end of November

Old Leake 6 – Civils issues are ongoing - expected to be ready for service mid-December

Normanby By Spital 2 – DELAY - cabinet failed commissioning tests. With Huawei to resolve. Huawei at site 26/10/15 Estimate completion mid-December

North Somercotes 3 - Cabinet has been moved to facilitate new development

South Cockerington 2 - overlay works in progress (over poles) Estimated completion mid-December

South Cockerington 3 - Estimated completion mid-December

Spalding 50– Estimated completion mid-December

Spalding 16– Estimated completion mid-December

Spalding 26– Estimated completion by the end of November

Spalding 45 – DELAYED. New position agreed to avoid wayleave - now likely to be delivered between October and December

Spilsby 1- Estimated for completion before the end of November

Spilsby 4 - Just needs power and certification. Working with power company to get dates for this. Estimated for delivery 14/11/15 late November

Swaton 2 & 3 - Highways Authority originally rejected location for Swaton 3; we now have agreement on location. Estimated cab stand date 12/11/15 Swaton 3 expected completion before the end of November

Swinderby 1 - Planner has released fibres BT can use - expected ready for service mid-December (probably before this in reality)

Tetford EO (3) Ready for service - products should be available in approx 2 weeks

Torksey 3 - Failed power certification, power company are going back to retest.

Wickenby 2 – DELAY - Estimated completion mid-December

Withern 1- Estimated completion late December

Witham on the Hill 2 - Estimated completion late November


November Progress


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