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Project Update - Week ending 7th August 2015

7th August 2015

Phasing datesPhasing 6-7


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CAPACITY - We are aware that some cabinets have reached capacity. This is because BT build in the availability of a new service for a proportion of the businesses and residents when a cabinet is first enabled. This will increase dependant on demand. Please bear with us and capacity will be added as soon as possible


Completed cabinet list

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Cabinet 38 on the BIRCHWOOD exchange

Cabinet 4 on the HEMSWELL exchange

Cabinet 2 on the HOLBEACH ST JOHNS exchange

Cabinet 5 on the WHAPLODE DROVE exchange


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Delayed cabinets

Ancaster 4 – Natural England now given Ok to start. Traffic management applied for to start works. 5.4Km of network to cable. 05/06/15 No Change – awaiting traffic management permission. 12/06/15 Cabling has been started and is ongoing 03/07/15 Cabling is ongoing 10/07/15 Cabling ongoing 4K completed 1.5K left 17/07/15 - still ongoing 24/07/15 remaining cabling is progressing slowly alongside traffic management 07/08/15 BT are looking for completion of this within the next month

Bainton 4 –Currently with planners, BT will push for early completion 05/06/15 BT are chasing planners for progression 12/06/15 Still with planning team 03/07/15 No change in situation 17/07/15 No change, BT chasing planning for a resolution 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Soultion agreed and works will progress as soon as possible

Bardney 6 – DELAYED – this cabinet will not be completed until quarter of October – December 10/07/15 Meeting held again this week Ref New Duct over bridge Oct - Dec still completion period 24/07/15 road closure required for duct over bridge. No change. 07/08/2015 no change

Billingborough 1 - Cabinet 1 has some planning delays associated and BT are moving to resolve as soon as possible. We will update within the next week or so on progress. 10/07/15 Planning issues are still being dealt with. We are hoping to have timescales for this in the coming weeks 17/07/15 - still awaiting timescales 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 BT are looking at all means to experdite this cab. They have surveyed and do not see any physical issues. The cab could actually be stood within the next two weeks but they will still need to then copper and fibre

Billingborough 5 – currently taking orders but we are aware of issues associated with this cabinet and Billingborough 5 and are trying to remedy these as soon as possible

Birchwood 63 - DELAYED – this cabinet will not be completed until quarter of October - December 24/07/15 no change. Cabling started but expected completion as per previous.

Birchwood 72 - Just needs copper and Light - should be completed before the end of this month. 10/07/15 Cabinet has a land wayleave issue but the entire network is proven. 17/07/15 No change 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Wayleave issue resolved, cabling to commence

Bottesford 5 – Should be completed by the end of the month. Just needs fibre linking up to it. 10/07/15 Looking to connect fibre this Sunday 17/07/15 Infrastructure is complete. Should be able to accept orders in approx. 2 weeks 24/07/15 - awaiting commissioning 07/08/15 Ready for service - products should be availalble within approx. two weeks

Buckminster 7 - Road crossing was completed at the weekend and now working on cabling 17/07/15 Sunday required for stand up of cabinet. Expected delivery in this quarter, before the end of September.  No change

Chapel St Leonards 12 – Shifted in plan. Now expected to be excepting orders in August, 10/07/15 – no change 17/07/15 Wayleave outstanding with developer. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15  housing development, pursuing Wayleave. No change

Corby Glen 1 & 2 – Traffic management authorisation has caused these to be delayed. Set to be delivered this quarter, before the end of September. 10/07/15 Traffic management issues remain. Trying to rectify 17/07/15 A1+ insist on 3 month notice for blockages either side of A1. Expected delivery this quarter. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 A1+ will not let BT in to clear blockages & cable until the 7th September

Cranwell 2 - Delays linked to Ministry of Defence property and survey for Dslam now complete and with planning. 10/07/15 No change 24/07/15 wayleave required for new DSLAM cabinet. Contact made with MOD and discussions are due next week 07/08/15 Wayleave signed by MOD. This cab is planned and with the engineers to complete

Cranwell 5 – No longer shifted to August - this cabinet should be enabled before the end of the month as now only needs fibre connecting to it. 10/07/15 POSSIBLE DELAY The structure may need to be moved. 17/07/15 No change 24/07/15 second survey completed Tuesday. Awaiting formal survey return. 07/08/15 no change

Folkingham 1 – this cabinet should be enabled before the end of the month 10/07/15 No change 17/07/15 2 additional blockages to be cleared, cabinet expected to be live mid August. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Expected to be live Mid August. Fibre'd yesteday, chasing for light reading today

Folkingham 3 – shifted slightly in plan due to delays. Should be enabled before the end of September 10/07/15 No change 17/07/15 no change 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 No change

Fulbeck 3 – this cabinet should be enabled before the end of the month. Just needs fibre feeding to it. 10/07/15 Still Aiming for end of Month. Cabling and trenching ongoing 17/07/15 no change 23/07/15 fully cabled. Should be RFS by end of month/first week Aug (Services should be available beginning of August) 07/08/15 DELAY - looking to be ready third week in August. BT are chasing for light reading today

Gosberton 5 – BT have agreed a method for spanning the bridge and are waiting for details of this work before it can be included in the engineers work stack. 05/06/15 No change 12/06/15 – overlay works have been issued to engineers. 03/07/15 ongoing 10/07/15 Ongoing Will has asked for meeting with highways and Bridge people to try and move it forward work still with Network Rail. 17/07/15 Chasing for meeting to agree way forward.23/07/15 Network Rail engineer on leave. Will chase again next week. 07/08/15 no change

Grantham 16 SHIFTED- New duct on Road Crossing requiring a road closure. Engineers are still waiting for dates for when this can be completed. 10/07/15 No Change 17/07/15 SHIFTED - Expected delivery between October and December 2015 07/08/15 No change

Grantham 21– Just needs power and Light - completion July 17/07/15 Power wayleave still required - chasing with power company 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Power wayleaves still required

Grantham 34 – 500mts power which will delay enablement until July according to Western Power. 12/06/15 No change 03/07/15 works are with Western Power 10/07/15 No Change 17/07/15 chasing new date with power company for works under traffic management 23/07/15 Still awaiting date 07/08/15 no change

Holbeach St Johns 1 - DELAYED – Will not be complete until July – September 10/07/15 No Change 17/07/2015 - no change 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 no change - requiring poles to be erected. With engineers

Honington 1 – power provision ongoing – long route which has meant delays. 10/07/15 Power connection date 15th Aug 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Booked in for road closure and power connection, 12th August

Kirton 5 (amalgamated with 13) - work is with the engineers and is still pending. 05/06/15 No change 12/06/15 Awaiting overlay works for copper cable 03/07/15 ongoing 10/07/15 Still Waiting Duct work to Link these 07/08/15 No change

Knipton 1 & 3 – these cabinets should be enabled by the end of the month. 10/07/15 Duct works continuing at present 17/07/15 no change 24/07/15 one DSLAM still to build. Likely delivery now mid-August. 07/08/15 Needs a new underground chamber building - with engineers

Langrick 1– DELAY linked to new duct over bridge which requires various meeting with Bridge engineers and Contractors. 10/07/15 Meeting held this week to try and progress duct over Bridge 17/07/15 Meeting held and awaiting programme data from supplier 07/08/15 No change

Langrick 2 – this cabinet should be enabled by the end of the month 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 All done except the power connection. Will chase with contractors

Lincoln 76 SHIFTED- this cabinet should be enabled by the end of the month. DELAYED - Now expected late quarter 3, November - December 2015

Lincoln 132 SHIFTED – Shifted in the plan - due for deployment July – September 2015DELAYED - Now expected late quarter 3, November - December 2015

Lincoln 133 - New duct required between existing cabinet and new cabinet 03/07/15 - ongoing 10/07/15 Waiting for job to come through from planning to deal with copper ties 17/07/15 - delivery expected before the end of September. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Cab up and powered, needs copper and fibre

Old Leake 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 – DELAYED – Will not be complete until July – September. Spine work is progressing but slowly working with traffic management clearing blockages. 10/07/15 Still progressing with blockage clearance. Old Leake 5 will be considerably delayed as a road closure required for this which requires 13 week notice. 17/07/15 Cabinet 1,3 and 4 expected this quarter, before the end of September. Cabinet 5 requires road closure and 6 has extensive overlay requirements. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 All cabs up, powered and coppered; just need to get fibre cable to them. BT should have these completed end of August due road closure

Normanby By Spital 2 – High cost power - quote approved; with WPD 10/07/2015 Just waiting power 24/07/15 No change - delivery expected before the end of September 07/08/15 Only waiting for power connection and BT have asked the contractor to supply a date.

Sleaford 28 - Looking to use an existing fibre to expedite delivery. This cabinet should be completed by the end of this quarter, before the end of September. 07/08/15 no change

Spalding 50– Shuttering complete. With WPD to resource. End June / early July 10/07/15 No Change 17/07/15 Pushing for power this quarter. 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 No change

Spalding 16 & 26– DELAYED. Should be completed by the end of this quarter, before the end of September 10/07/15 No Change 17/07/2015 no change FURTHER DELAY - Completion will probably be in November

Spalding 45 DELAYED. Will be completed towards the end of this quarter, around September time. 10/07/15 one section of Duct overlay (overhead wiring) required 17/07/15 New position agreed to avoid wayleave - now likely to be delivered between October and December 07/08/15 No change

Spilsby 1- only requires copper and fibre feeding to it now. Should be completed soon. 10/07/15 The cabinet may need to be moved - meeting with highways 17/07/15 SHIFTED Now will not be completed October - December as cabinet needs to be rebuilt. 07/08/15 No change - big copper job

Sudbrooke Park 18 – Direct labour engineers on with now, expected delivery 1st week of July 10/07/2015 Cabling delayed on final section linked to TM 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 This should be ready for service by the 12th August. Approx. two weeks after this products can be ordered from it

Swaton 2 & 3 Due before the end of September, subject to unforseen delays

Wickenby 2 – works are currently progressing to feed fibre to new structure. 10/07/15 The cabinet is due to be stood between the 14th and 24th June. All ducting has been proved. 88m of fibre remaining to be jointed. 17/07/15 Expected delivery this quarter, should be able to order services before September 2015 07/08/15 No change

Withern 1,3 & 4 - these cabinet should be enabled by the end of the month 10/07/15 Still on target but one cabinet is waiting a duct overlay (overhead wiring) section. no change 24/07/15 No change 07/08/15 Cabinet 3 is Ready for Service - should be able to take orders in approx. two weeks. Withern 4 needs power which is booked in for the 11th August. Withern 1 requires overlay works (on poles)

Witham on the Hill 1 & 2 07/08/15 Cab 1 up  and powered, need copper and fibre. Cab 2 still needs standing but BT will chase with engineers


 progress july




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